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Aspiring Solicitor Of The Month- September 2017

Congratulations Hosanna Makanda from the University of Birmingham has won the Aspiring Solicitor of The Month Award for September 2017.  Aspiring Solicitors will recommend her CV to all of its partner law firms!  Please read about why Hosanna won this award below.

When Hosanna was 11 her parents moved to the UK to flee political unrest, leaving behind her and her siblings in the Congo DR. Hosanna was able to attend school for only 4 years because she took care of her siblings. Hosanna joined her parents, arriving in the UK in 2011, aged 17.

Although she spoke no English on arriving, Hosanna started A-Levels in 2012. Her outstanding grades led to many awards and newspaper coverage. In 2014, Hosanna started her LL.B Law with French Law at the University of Birmingham. She has obtained a 2.1 in her first and second years so far.

Hosanna joined the Law Support Group at her sixth form college where she visited numerous law firms and actively took part in debating. From 2012 to 2014, she would regularly attend court, sitting in the public gallery to observe the proceedings. In 2013, she attended a five day insight programme at Norton Rose Fulbright where she gained an insight into the various pathways to a legal career. She started her law degree the following year. Now in her final year, Hosanna has joined Aspiring Solicitors to maximise her chances of joining the profession.

Hosanna dedicated her Jack Petchey Achievement Award grant to improving tutorials that are run as part of the ‘recently arrived students tutorial’ group at her college. She has delivered talks for ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) students at her former college, using her personal experience to motivate and inspire them to pursue their dreams and embrace British culture and society. She has also volunteered at Restore, a charity in London that provides home furniture at affordable prices to those coming from disadvantaged backgrounds.