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Aspiring Solicitor of The Month- November 2016

There are two winners of the Aspiring Solicitors of The Month award for November.  Both winners will have their CVs recommended to partner law firms and corporates.   To apply to be recognised for this award or to nominate someone you think has demonstrated (i) excellent academics (ii) commitment to law (iii) commitment to diversity/inclusion/the community, please email

Congratulations Lyubomira and Lewis!

Lyubomira- Southampton University

LyubomiraLyubomira is a final year law student at the Southampton University. She finished her penultimate year with a first, become a runner-up to the top student in her class and received a certificate for contribution to the Southampton Law School. She attributes her academic success to resilience, lateral thinking and genuine interest in legal nuances.

Lyubomira combines her studies with volunteering for the Southampton University’s Business Clinic, where she advises aspiring business owners. She most enjoys hearing about clients’ success. Her positive experience at the Clinic and her passion for subjects linked to the commercial practice motivated her to pursue a career in commercial law.

Lyubomira considers her decision to study law quite fortunate, for it has shown her where her interests lie and transformed her into a more confident person. Her concern is that many are discouraged to choose law, due to perceptions that it is too hard or not inclusive. Therefore, she took part in Street Law- an initiative aimed at enhancing the common understanding of the law and the legal profession. As a volunteer for the project, she carried out presentations at colleges in the Southampton area. She was pleased to see many intrigued students bombarding her with queries. She is also pleased with the ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion in the legal profession. Lyubomira herself is a beneficiary of it- being female, of an unprivileged background and of foreign nationality. However, also being an advocate of equal opportunity, she wants to be allowed entry to the legal profession on the basis of merit, not need to discharge corporate responsibility. Apart from her academic achievements, she hopes that fluency in foreign languages and stamina built during the 12 years in she trained and competed in rhythmic gymnastics will enable her to do so.

Lewis Whiteoak- Loughborough University

Lewis WhiteoakLewis is a final year BSc Sport Science and Management student at Loughborough University.

Lewis is a driven individual, which is demonstrated by a successful sporting background, and strong academic record. He exceeded requirements to secure admission to a Guardian top 4 university with AAAB at A-level, and received an ‘Award of Academic Excellence’ for his study of social sciences in Year 13. This was achieved whilst balancing commitments of being team captain on a full-time, semi-professional football scholarship, and Deputy Head Boy responsibilities at school. His focus and drive has since shifted to academics, which was reflected in his First class in his penultimate year.

Lewis’ commitment to law manifests itself through his pursuit of a legal career, whilst embracing diversity. He is of the first generation of family to attend university, and enter the legal profession. As a non-law student, he also approaches the profession from a university without a law school; therefore, all research, networking, and applying has been self-initiated with little support. As a result of his commitment, Lewis managed to secure legal work experience during the summer of 2016 in a Kent commercial firm, which inspired him to pursue career in a larger firm.

Since his introduction to Aspiring Solicitors, Lewis has actively engaged with events, and seeks to further utilise their opportunities (e.g. Commercial Awareness Competition) to progress and develop. He has recently been rewarded with a place on their mentoring scheme, and the ‘Ones to Watch’ list chosen from over 20,000 members. This reinforced Lewis’ belief in meritocracy, and that diversity should not be a barrier to succeed in the legal profession.

Outside of academia and work, Lewis assists the community as a founding member of Hayley’s Heroes – a charity established to support young adults battling cancer.