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January Aspiring Solicitor Of The Month Nomination

FullSizeRenderIt is that time of the month again when Aspiring Solicitors considers applications/nominations for the January Aspiring Solicitor Of The Month.  Aspiring Solicitors of The Month need to possess excellent academics, have shown a commitment to law and also have shown a willingness/desire to increase diversity or assist others.

You are able to nominate yourself for the Aspiring Solicitors of the Month awards but please include a few lines as to why you, or someone you know, should be considered for this award.


To nominate yourself or someone else, please state the:

  • name of the nominee;
  • university name of the nominee;
  • reasons for your nomination; and
  • email of your nomination,

by clicking HERE or emailing (with the subject heading “January Aspiring Solicitor Of The Month Nomination”).

Please subject your nominations by 23 January 2015.

I look forward to reviewing your nominations!