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Aspiring Solicitor of The Month March 2017


Florence’s commitment to law flourished with her role as the University of Law, Birmingham’s Aspiring Solicitor Ambassador. Securing this role at a university new to her, she quickly found proactive committee members, creating the university’s first ever Aspiring Solicitor’s committee. It is one of the university’s largest student led committees. Florence listened to the voices of her unfamiliar peers, remained up to date with all application deadlines and ensured these events were timed to provide students with the best suited opportunities. She also took part in last year’s CityLawLIVE Conference, engaging in commercial law workshops with students and law firms.

Suffering from the stigma attached to mental health, Florence became adamant to share her story in the hope of reducing this prejudice. She wrote an article for AS, exposing her struggles with an eating disorder, advising students intimidated by legal profession. She’s also involved with her local eating disorder clinic, working alongside staff with the aim to provide parents with advise and support materials to help their child who’s suffering from an eating disorder. Florence commits to sharing her personal story in the hope of inspiring others to achieve their career aspirations and not live in fear of the stigma.