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Aspiring Solicitors Of The Month- July 2016

Congratulations Sebastian Blomeier, Winnie Robinson and Charlotte Werner on winning the July Aspiring Solicitors of The Month Award!  Your CVs will be sent to and recommended to all of the law firms and legal teams we work with and you will be invited to meet the Head of Legal for Barclaycard too! For more information on how to secure this award, please click HERE.  

Sebastian Blomeier- St Mary’s University

Sebastian BlomeierSebastian is a final year law student at St Mary’s University, who has demonstrated his excellent technical understanding of the law by reaching the highest grades in several courses, such as in Tort Law with a 77% overall. He also demonstrated his academic understanding in a practical setting by winning the 2015 St Mary’s University Mooting Competition and by reaching the final in the Aspiring Solicitor Commercial Awareness Competition and in the Ropes & Gray/Lawyer2B video debate competition.

Sebastian has developed his interest in commercial law through his work-experience at City law firms and across several jurisdictions, such as the English, Peruvian, Swiss and German. During these internships he was involved in disputes relating to the Libor and Forex scandal, which has awakened his interest in financial law and which lead him to accept an offer from UCL to undertake his LLM with a specialization in international finance and banking law.

Sebastian enjoys the international element within commercial law, because having lived in five different countries and speaking fluently three languages, Spanish, German and English, has lead him to develop his cultural awareness and his interpersonal skills, which helps him to build solid relationships with clients and colleagues from different backgrounds.

Consequently, diversity in the legal sector is very important to Sebastian, and as a non-Russell group student, he is keen in tackling the barriers that non-Russell group students encounter when pursuing a career as a lawyer. As the President of the St Mary’s University Law Society and as the first student ambassador of the Aspiring Solicitors network at St Mary’s University, Sebastian has helped his peers to develop the required skills to work as a lawyer and boosted their confidence by inviting external speakers, to hold vacation scheme application workshops and commercial awareness seminars.

Winnie Robinson- University of Bristol

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 17.55.09Since sixth-form college Winnie has consistently achieved high grades, receiving A* A* A B in her A Level results. Having now completed her first year studying law at the University of Bristol, Winnie has achieved an overall 1st. For her second year of studies, she hopes to carry this hard work and aims even higher. During her first year at Bristol, Winnie has fully immersed herself in her studies, and has also written for the University of Bristol Law Clubs legal journal. Moreover, during these times Winnie has also had to deal with the added stress of caring for her mother, who in 2011 suffered a devastating stroke at age 55. This experience has spurred Winnie on more to succeed academically, but has also opened her eyes to the importance of aiding others.

The concept of helping others has becoming extremely important to Winnie. Just this year she has embarked on a one month volunteering scheme in Fiji to aid those affected by cyclones, whilst also providing tutoring to those who live in rural cities. Winnie has also taken part in a scheme led by the University of Bristol in which she visited schools which lacked proper resources and taught the students about the importance of human rights and aided discussions about any of their aspirations to go to university. Winnie also has a strong passion for increasing social equality and diversity. Indeed, in her second year of university she will embark on the challenge of creating a brand new society for her university, which will fundraise for the women’s rights charity Women for Women International. Winnie strongly believes that the world, and more specifically the legal sector, will be greatly improved by a introduction of increasing equality and diversity on all levels.

Charlotte Werner- University of Exeter

DSC00103Charlotte is Welsh, female, from a comprehensive sixth-form, and a first generation lawyer. After achieving 3A*s at A level and being selected for the HE+ access to higher education programme, Charlotte embarked on her LLB Law at the University of Exeter. This year she has balanced a prestigious committee role/paid work with maintaining a first-class average, including 76% in EU law and 73% in Gender, Sexuality & Law. She now wishes to pursue her undergraduate dissertation in protection from sex discrimination in the transitional “Brexit” period, due to the prevalence of EU law governing this area.

She has undertaken legal work experience since the age of 14, ranging from high street, regional through to the “A&O First” insight scheme. She has secured 4 vacation schemes this year, as well as mini-pupillage and further work experience. She now pursues a training contract, well-equipped with the advice of the AS Springboard into a Training Contract programme. She cares deeply for gender diversity in the legal profession, academic interest complemented by networking opportunities with Lord Neuberger and the Sprint! Women in Leadership programme. She wishes to challenge what a typical “lawyer” looks like.

Her partnership role as Pro Bono Officer has had a widespread community impact; from rehabilitation of prisoners based on employment disclosure law/CV workshops to violence mitigation/internet safety/human rights in local schools. Mobilising volunteers to research wildlife crime in Kenya and send a human rights brigade to Panama has also been hugely rewarding for Charlotte. Diversity and increasing participation in pro bono recruitment has been a significant aim, with tangible results including over 230 applicants and 10% non-law. Charlotte continues this community insight through her role as Unit Leader with Girlguiding, supporting 10-14 year olds in weekly meetings to gain confidence, expand their skills base and grow as individuals.