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Aspiring Solicitors Lawyers Lunch (December)

“Attending the lunch with Chris and his contacts was a a fantastic insight into the work that is available when I graduate and offered a candid and informal way to hear about legal issues and ask my own questions.

Kate CardiffThe atmosphere was very relaxed and everyone was extremely friendly. The most important element, for me, was hearing about specific issues and cases which gave me a flavour of the type of work a commercial lawyer does. I was also able to hear, first hand, about how Aspiring Solicitors was created, Chris’ motivation for doing so and the opportunities that my team, and other students participating in Aspiring Solicitors, can look forward to.

I would highly recommend this experience to any student interested in gaining an informal view into the legal profession; having travelled for five hours on a Megabus to London I can say wholeheartedly it was worth attending!”

Kate Taylor, aspiring solicitor at Cardiff University

“The lawyers’ lunch was an experience I am sure to remember throughout my life. Being given theZeba 2 opportunity to speak to four successful lawyers asking them questions and hearing about their experiences has really motivated me to continue reaching for the career path I have chosen. This was useful as it cleared my mind on the area of law I would like to join and provided me with unbiased and truthful answers about the life of a solicitor and barrister.

The lawyers were really friendly and made the experience enjoyable as well as educational, I wish the best of success to all of them. I would like to thank Chris White for arranging this, with his help and efforts we are able to do things and meet people that were once out of our reach. I learnt that your own efforts and achievements are crucial to guide you to success.”

Zeba Razwan, aspiring solicitor from Brunel University