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Another Baker McKenzie Diversity Success Story

I first became involved with Aspiring Solicitors during my time at university. I was the lead campus ambassador in my second and third year.  My role involved coordinating with my team of four to promote opportunities for open days and networking events through social media platforms. In addition, with future trainees on campus we ran application and psychometric workshops for students.

Moreover, in 2016 I organised five teams for the Aspiring Solicitors Commercial Awareness competition which is hosted by Barclays every year. This was a huge improvement from 2015 whereby we only entered one team. I have reached the finals of the competition on three occasions having triumphed in 2018.

The competition was a fantastic opportunity in understanding the role of a commercial lawyer, by learning how to apply commercial news within in the context of the legal industry. By taking part in the competition I have become a more informed individual who can analyse commercial issues and apply them to variety of scenarios. As a result, the competition has been the foundation upon which I have been successful in securing a paralegal position with a prestigious FTSE 250 company. In my opinion no other competition in the UK will help you succeed in becoming an excellent lawyer and improve your commercial acumen.

Aside from the competition I have benefitted from attending the workshops Aspiring Solicitors have provided. In particular their ‘turn your Vac Scheme into a Training Contract’ workshop was instrumental in helping me obtain a Training Contract. The session helped me gain confidence in understanding how to maximise your internship by enhancing several different skills. Alongside the workshops Aspiring Solicitors have also been incredibly supportive. As part of their services I have had one on one support in assisting me when drafting my applications through to assessment centres. When combining the services Aspiring Solicitors provide along with the unique opportunities of the competition, they have helped me achieve my career ambition of gaining a training contract with Baker McKenzie.

Arjun Patel