Being a first-generation university student and having first-hand exposure to the impact of various disabilities, I value diversity. Diversity signifies equality and inclusion. To me, it also enhances creativity through encouraging novel perspectives and information. Diversity presents the opportunity for personal growth and development by allowing individuals to draw upon their unique experiences and a wider range of knowledge to spark innovative ideas.

Ultimately, diversity is important to me, as it promotes an understanding of varying backgrounds and nuances. I am grateful for my early exposure to the effects that society can inflict on varying disabilities, as it has allowed me to gain experiences and skills that are transferable into the legal profession. Disability has posed many obstacles during my life, socially and academically. My past experiences have highlighted the vital need for inclusion, to allow everyone to achieve the same objectives and to allow increased participation for all in society. A wholly inclusive environment embraces diversity. Inclusion is increasingly becoming an ideology across many organisations and is ever-present in society.

Facing the stereotypes of attending a Non-Russell Group university and being a first-generation university student have served as motivation to allow me to achieve all I have today. I studied an undergraduate Law degree at Swansea University. I am now studying the LPC with integrated LLM at Cardiff University. I was an advocate for Diversity & Inclusion at university, and continue to promote these values by acting as a Diversity ally since joining Blake Morgan LLP as a Paralegal.

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