I have had a long journey into law having studied science-related subjects at A Level before moving into a full time work opportunity.  I progressed within management roles and developed a legal interest through working with customers.  This stemmed into studying a part time LLB.

After finishing my LLB in 2016, I began self-funding my LPC and studied this at weekends whilst continuing to work full time.  I decided to participate in the Commercial Awareness Competition (CAC) in 2018 after being advised that this was an area where I could improve during a Partner interview at the final stage of a vacation scheme.

Juggling the LPC, the CAC and being a new Dad was challenging with sleep and freetime being at a premium, but I am lucky enough to have a very supportive family who understand the level of commitment needed as a City Lawyer.

I was fortunate enough to be on the winning team in the competition which gave me some amazing opportunities at elite City Firms and this led to me accepting a training contract offer from Dechert.  The firm eliminates any unconscious bias by having a blind CV interviewing policy and focuses on your practical ability as a Lawyer during the recruitment phase, with a heavy focus on your commercial skillset and awareness.  It felt like a perfect fit.

I am passionate about diversity.  Everybody has a different journey in life and your experiences help to form your judgement.  Having a variety of individuals means each individual brings their own, unique judgement to the table and should result in more well-rounded decision making.

Aside from the practical benefits, we should live in a meritorious society which rewards individuals for their attitude, competence and skill, not where they are from or who they know.

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