I am of British-Asian heritage, with parents who were first generation immigrants to the UK from Kenya. I was fortunate enough to benefit from an excellent state school education, followed by an undergraduate degree in Economics at the University of Warwick. My first career was in the education sector, as a Maths teacher in London and internationally. After leaving teaching, I studied the GDL part-time while working and started my starting contract at Travers Smith in September 2023.

Diversity and inclusion is important to me – not everyone has the benefit of a network to learn from and this makes it really challenging for a legal career to be accessible for aspiring solicitors who come from an under-represented background. By being a mentor, I hope to contribute in some way to opening up the field to a wider group of talented individuals.

I am happy to be contacted on LinkedIn or by email, and happy to set-up calls.

I greatly benefitted from taking part in the Commercial Awareness Competition and AS Aspire, as well as attending various events over the years.

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