I was born and raised in Islington, London, and went to primary and secondary state schools before commencing my A-level studies. During this time, my father had a severe accident, leaving him paralysed and wheelchair bound. With perseverance and support from family and friends, I achieved A-level results I was proud of. In 2013 I moved to Leeds to do my LLB at Leeds University as the first member of my household to go to uni. I had a great network at Leeds university, but I felt different from my peers in that I had not come from a wealthy background. On graduating, I returned home to London to complete my LPC and MSc, working part-time at the weekends to help fund it. As I was back home, I could also resume shared caring responsibilities for my father. This was a lot to juggle at once and did impact me more than I thought at the time. I graduated and began working at a lovely high street firm in Notting Hill. However, I knew I wanted to work in the City so, after many applications, I secured a paralegal role at Addleshaw Goddard. Then, unfortunately, in 2019 my father went blind due to surgical complications. My father’s paralysis and blindness did, and continues to from time to time, impact my wellbeing and capacity for work and social commitments. My path to securing a training contract has been longer but this is my journey, and I wouldn’t change it. I am now an employee at an amazing firm that acts proactively with regards to diversity.

Providing access to diverse talent is important to me because I believe in a fair and equal starting point for all. I also believe that with determination and resilience you can begin a successful legal career regardless of your background, and I would love to support you in fostering these skills on your journey. I sought help from Aspiring Solicitors when I began my Training Contract applications, and I had a mock interview with one of their mentors at the time.

If you have a state school background and/or were the first in your home to attend university and/or you are a part-time carer, we may share similar experiences and hopefully I can offer another perspective.

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