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Tony C

Partner | Stephenson Harwood

Profile Highlights:

  • First generation to go to university
  • Multi-racial family
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I am a solicitor and partner at Stephenson Harwood. My particular focus is on international disputes in the shipping industry.

Throughout my career I have mentored, managed and recruited many people, from undergraduates through to those who end up becoming my partners. I understand that the legal profession can often look like a long, hard road. My aim is to provide insight about the legal industry and also how best to direct your efforts, so as to succeed. I also wish to help you define your career in the law and make sure you are able to meet your goals.

As a mentor, I hope to nurture a level of resilience, intellectually and emotionally, which is in my view an essential requirement for a successful legal career. I also understand that this can be challenging coming from non-traditional backgrounds.

As to my own background, I am the child of Irish immigrants and the first in my generation to attend university or acquire professional qualifications. My family is multi-racial, so I receive frequent feedback on issues particular to this from my own children.

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