I’m a trainee solicitor at Clifford Chance, currently in my third seat. My previous seats have included: Banking, Litigation and Antitrust. I was awarded runner up Neurodiverse Legal Professional 2023 as well as LGBT+ Undergraduate of the Year 2019.

I studied Management and Information Technology at Lancaster University (Non-Russell group). I then studied the GDL and the Accelerated LPC at BPP in Manchester and London, respectively.

Identifying openly as both gay and autistic has meant I have sometimes struggled to know where I ‘fit in’ or find people who are similar to myself. Therefore, I hope I can provide support and be a role model for others.

Everyone is different, including those with the same condition, so this will not apply to everyone, but personally I find that certain approaches to work help ‘enable’ me. These include:

  • Having clear direct instructions and concreate goals provided are very important.
  • I find it helpful to use noise cancelling headphones or to listen to music when working and needing to concentrate for long periods of time.
  • It can be useful for me to have a quiet space to work in to enable me to concentrate on more complex tasks.
  • When transitioning into a new setting, it is useful to see the surroundings and meet people before I start.

As a trainee solicitor I have continued to educate against intolerance and promote understanding on the issues faced by my community, challenging the negative perceptions and stereotypes that are attributed with Autism and in identifying as LGBTQ+. These have involved becoming an active member of Clifford Chance’s LGBTQ+ Arcus network, speaking at their LGBTQ+ events in both the UK and Hong Kong. Furthermore, I have spoken on disability/neurodiversity panels for ‘Access to Law’, National Autistic Society and the City of London law Society.

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