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I studied Classics at Oxford University before completing the GDL, LPC and Masters of Laws in Commercial Legal Practice at BPP. I started as a trainee solicitor at HFW in March 2020.

As a woman of colour, I understand that entering a field that has typically been dominated by those that fit one specific mould can be very intimidating. Additionally, as the first person in my family to become a solicitor, I also know how difficult it can be to break into law without prior connections or guidance.

I think it is vitally important that we celebrate diversity and recognise the unique strengths and talents that diverse candidates can bring to law.

Applying for vacation schemes and training contracts can be a really daunting process and I struggled with it myself. I applied to a whole range of firms so can provide advice about applying to most types of firms. I also applied to HFW with a straight training contract application so I am well placed to help those who are bypassing the vacation scheme route.

I really want to help others earn their seat at the table so that law can be made more accessible for all.

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