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Thomas S

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Trainee Solicitor | Hogan Lovells

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  • Dyslexic
  • Ethnic minority
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I am a trainee solicitor at Hogan Lovells LLP. I began my training contract in August 2016 and am currently in the Finance department. I studied Theology and Religious Studies at Cambridge University and have since completed the GDL and LPC at BPP University.

As a diagnosed dyslexic considering a career in corporate law I had two main concerns: (1) that I would find my job more difficult than others and (2) that I would be perceived as less capable than others. Both concerns have proved unfounded. The fact that you may have a different way of working or may take longer over some tasks is not a problem. The important thing is the quality of work you produce and your ability to work well with others. In fact there are many people working in law with dyslexia and the different way in which you may approach a problem is often an asset.

Initially I was reluctant to disclose my dyslexia on applications because I feared it would affect how I was regarded at interview. This is not something you should worry about. The firms will make any adjustments to which you are entitled. It is important, therefore, that you ask for any adjustments necessary to allow you to produce work that is a fair reflection of your ability.

I am also mixed race (White Asian). As such I am acutely aware that diversity in the industry can be, and needs to be, improved. Aspiring Solicitors is doing fantastic work to help achieve this. I would, therefore, be happy to offer advice to anyone thinking of applying for a training contract, particularly those with learning difficulties or concerns about how they would suit a career in law.

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