I am an Associate in the Kennedys’ Edinburgh office. My practice focuses on insurance defence litigation of medical malpractice and personal injury actions. I trained with the NHS Central Legal Office and qualified as a Scottish solicitor in 2015. I then spent several years working in London with Medical Protection. I am dual qualified as a New York Attorney and was admitted to the New York State Bar in February 2018. I specialise in medical malpractice and have a wide range of experience in high value and complex claims. I have successfully litigated cases with counsel in Courts throughout the UK, and I have advocacy experience in the Scottish Sheriff Courts.

I knew that I wanted to be a lawyer from a young age, but I have had to overcome many social and economic hurdles to achieve that goal, including working part time throughout my studies and summers. While I have been able to navigate and overcome most, I have witnessed many of my peers who have not. I have come to understand that the most challenging barriers are the ones that cannot be easily seen, articulated, or dismantled; and that they disproportionately affect women, and people from BAME groups. I am passionate about raising an awareness and appreciation of bias, promoting ways to dismantle the barriers it creates, and working with my peers to develop practices to promote diversity and inclusion: a workplace where colleagues feel supported and empowered.

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