Despite wanting a career in law from a young age, my path is unorthodox to the typical lawyer. I read History for my BA and MA at UCL, and worked across a range of sectors in addition to law; Public relations, Higher Education, Research to name a few. My most recent position was at the British Library, where I not only worked in the Press Office, but led their BAME Network.

I am a Trainee Solicitor at Farrer & Co. It goes without saying that I don’t meet the typical stereotype of a lawyer. I am a mixed-race Black-and-White woman, from East London, the first in my family to go to university, and entirely state-schooled. My background has undoubtedly exposed me to some challenges, but has reinforced values of hard-work, determination and resilience, instilled in me from childhood.

I chose Farrer & Co. when applying and accepted my offer not just because of the development, wide client base and practice areas, but because of their genuine commitment to diversity. The legal sector is suffering from a lack of representation, which is disappointing; it means many talented individuals are being overlooked, which perpetuates monolithic narratives and hinders progression.

Diversity is important but goes beyond ticking a box – it is about making active changes from within. I hope to inspire others through my career. Do not hesitate to get in touch.

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