I am a lawyer in the Financial Services Asset Management (Regulatory) sector at PwC LLP where I have been working since January 2018. I completed my training contract at Clifford Chance LLP, and studied LLB Law at SOAS University. I grew up (and still live) in the Tower Hamlets borough where I went to local state schools.


1) I appreciate diversity – it helps me understand and be exposed to different ways of thinking and different ways of living.

2) In a professional environment, I usually represent diversity in many forms (and I love it!). I am diverse in the following: religion, the way I dress, ethnic background, social background.

3) I am a big believer in having diversity in the workplace due to the advantages of having different ideas on the table.

I want to be a Professional Ambassador because:

1) I want to be a role model to the younger generation who may be able relate to my story or may have a similar background to me.

2) I want to be part of a network that encourages diversity.

3) I want to use my experience to show and help others understand that their differences are not a setback.

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