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  • Non-Russell Group student
  • First generation lawyer
  • Accent
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I am a law graduate from St Mary’s University who will be undertaking a LLM at UCL and who will start with his training contract at Clyde & Co in 2018. While having a Peruvian mother and a German father, I grew up moving around every four years to a different country, mainly in South America. From these experience I learned about the challenges that one faces when living in foreign countries. However, by being exposed to a wide range of different cultures, I also learned about the opportunities that arise from these situations. Consequently, I believe that your personal background should not affect your confidence nor will it negatively impact your career ambitions. If anything, it will help you to stand out from the crowd.

Having studied at a non-Russell group university, I am aware of the negative stigmas that you might face when trying to enter the legal profession. At the beginning of my journey I found it very difficult to secure vacation placements and I wrongly assumed that I was in a disadvantage when competing against Russell group students. Yet, through the help of the AS team and its ambassadors, I was able to secure a vacation scheme and a training contract at Clyde & Co.

Diversity is important to me because it encourages the exchange of ideas which is essential to widen one’s own perspectives. To be commercially aware and innovative such a mind-set is required, making it an invaluable for any aspiring solicitor who wants to work in the City. Consequently, I believe that it is in our own interest to learn from each other, and I am happy to support anyone with their ambitions to become a solicitor.

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