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Sabrina S

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Trainee Solicitor | Hogan Lovells

Profile Highlights:

  • First Generation Lawyer
  • State School Educated
  • Diversity Ally
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I graduated from the University of Durham in 2015 and took six months off to volunteer abroad before completing the accelerated LPC. I started my training contract at Hogan Lovells in August 2016.

Before applying to study law at University, I undertook a number of placements at a variety of law firms and chambers – both locally and regionally – during the school holidays. I have no family or personal contacts in the legal industry, so I had to be proactive and sometimes persistent with the places I contacted in order to get my foot in the door. For anyone with an interest in learning more about the legal industry who is concerned about not knowing any lawyers, my best advice is – don’t be. You’d be amazed how far a well-written letter can get you, but you have to be willing to start small and think practically!

I feel strongly that encouraging diversity in the workplace is not only beneficial for the employer, but for the entire legal profession. As an Algerian living and studying in the UK, I have been fortunate to experience in-depth two (in some respects significantly) contrasting cultures. My experiences have taught me a lot about what we can learn from other cultures as well as the harms that ignorance breeds. My background has also had a very positive influence in my legal career so far, and I am keen to discuss my approach to how to draw on your differences as the unique selling points that they are, when trying to navigate the commercial law field.

If you have any questions about my path to and life during the training contract so far – law degree, applications, being a trainee – please feel free to contact me. I’m always happy to chat!

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