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Trainee Solicitor | Bird & Bird

Profile Highlights:

  • First generation to go to university
  • Ethnic minority
  • State school educated
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I was born and raised in Birmingham (with the accent) and decided the idea of ‘Law’ was appealing, but always thought that such a prestigious career was “too ambitious” for “someone like me”. What do I mean by “someone like me”? I mean someone who grew up with parents that did not know how to read or write English with just enough income to put food on the table. I didn’t really have an issue with the academic side of things; I was your average dedicated student, but it was the ‘finding a legal job’ that I thought would be the hardest.

I came across Bird & Bird through what I believe is fate during my first year of university through one of their Diversity schemes and without being cliché, I fell in love. I went through the whole process like every other applicant but when friends were fortunate to ask their parents to read through their legal applications, I had no one, so I learnt to trust in my own abilities and use my resources like my Careers Advisor. After receiving the offer from Bird & Bird for my Training Contract, I was beyond ecstatic, but truth be told, I had never envisioned for that moment to have happened so I didn’t even prepare for the conversation with my strict Asian parents about moving out to the capital. At first, it was outright refusals but I simply did not want to settle for a firm in Birmingham where I knew I could not reach my full potential. Once my parents realised the unique opportunity I had been given, their support was overwhelming. The lesson I took away from this was to never stop believing in myself and to use my diversity as an advantage.

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