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After graduating with an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Manchester, I am currently completing my GDL at BPP University Manchester. After completing the LPC, I will join Bristows as a trainee solicitor in August 2022.

I embarked on my STEM degree as I did really well in science-based subjects, but I grew interested in pursuing a legal career after attending my university’s law society events, leading me to embark on the GDL after graduation. I was also extremely lucky to gain a place on the Aspire progmramme, which in turn led me to being selected for their bespoke STEM mentoring scheme with Bristows. Through this scheme I gained a deeper insight into the firm, and after utilising this knowledge in my application and interviews I subsequently gained a TC at Bristows!

As a first-generation immigrant, I struggled to fit in with my peers for quite a while. I felt the same apprehensive “othernes” when it came to pursuing a legal career as someone who had no legal connections or knowledge of the legal world. However, I have learnt to embrace the things that make me different; our diversity allows a spectrum of varied perspectives to be brought to the table.

I am really passionate about helping others in my position, as I know the pain that comes with being rejected over and over again when you’re starting out on your journey into the legal profession. I also know the value of being given bespoke advice that helps you improve and increases your chances of getting your foot in the door. I’d be more than happy to provide constructive feedback or even general hints and tips for applications or interviews! Remember, it only takes one yes.

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