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I have just completed the GDL at the University of Law’s Moorgate campus. I am currently taking a year out and working as a paralegal at a firm specialising in domestic abuse cases. In 2017 I will study the LPC at BPP and will commence my training contract with Holman Fenwick Willan in 2018.

At school I studied science and math’s A-Levels (not the typical route to law) and went on to do a BSc in Biological Sciences at the University of Birmingham. As a scientist at university I felt that the career services were not giving me all the information I wanted about a potential career in law. I joined the Law for Non-Law Society at Birmingham and after attending a few networking events and open days I decided law was for me.

I came to this decision a bit later than some and went on to study the GDL without having secured a training contract. During my GDL I joined Aspiring Solicitors, who amongst other things, gave me advice on how to use my science background as an advantage. I completed a Spring Vacation Scheme with Holman Fenwick Willan in 2016 and was offered a training contract soon after.

I would be very happy to answer any questions and share my advice and experience. Please feel free to contact me about anything such as application advice, interview tips and what to do on a vacation scheme.

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