My diversity networks


I was brought up in North London, went to University in London, trained in London as a lawyer and have worked in 2 subsequent law firms including Reed Smith.

I am a litigator acting for international and financial services clients.

After I became a partner I showed an interest in managing groups of people to assist in development of the Firm’s business. I became marketing partner for my group and then became head of that group. Ultimately I sat on the Board and became Managing Partner leading the Firm into a global merger with a US firm (Reed Smith).

I had an entirely free education and have always attached great weight to the creation and taking advantage of opportunity. That, to me, is one of the most important objectives of life and business. This approach is reflected in the direction of our Firm. In the last few months we have received national awards in the legal services industry for Responsible Business.

It is a fundamental principle behind businesses operating in society that opportunity is created for all. The reciprocal part of that equation is individuals taking advantage of those opportunities, freedom of expression, freedom of movement, freedom of choice and freedom of education. It is important that leaders imbue these principles into their businesses.

I am in a senior position in a major professional services firm. It is crucial that those in such positions exercise their influence for the long term sustainable development of business, opportunity and society.

I sit on the Committee of the City of London Law Society working with others in such positions to focus on social mobility and educational issues in the profession. I was also a member of the 2013 Award Winning Pro Bono team assisting Haiti Earthquake victims.

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