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Rhys M

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Trainee Solicitor | Mayer Brown

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  • Career changer
  • Mature student
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I am a student going into my final year of law at UCL. Upon graduation and successful completion of the LPC, I will commence my training at Mayer Brown in 2019.

Before beginning my law degree I completed an economics degree, interned in investment banking, and spent a year working in consultancy. Whilst working in consultancy I made the difficult decision to leave my job and retrain as a lawyer – I did this as I felt I could give more meaningful advice as a solicitor. Since returning to university I have continued to take consulting jobs to pay for my degree.

Despite this experience, getting a vacation scheme/ training contract proved very difficult. Demonstrating a specific interest in law when I had worked in a variety of other advisory industries was a consistent stumbling block; without the help of Aspiring Solicitors I am not sure I would have learnt how to overcome this.

Having personally experienced how difficult this process is, as well as having seen friends struggle, I want to do what I can to make sure people are best prepared going into the process. Many high quality candidates can be held back, for example, because they are not framing a particular talent correctly, and I think this is something that Aspiring Solicitors teach very well.

In terms of diversity, coming from economics I hold the view that efficient, fair outcomes are the product of rational actors in a non-biased system. Ensuring equality of opportunity and removal of systemic bias is the sensible and moral way to ensure maximum societal welfare and the best possible services. The UK legal industry has not yet removed institutional bias, or even overt bias, and as such in order to continue to improve the industry diversity needs to remain a point of focus.

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