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Rebecca D

Law School Attended

Future trainee solicitor | Allen & Overy

Profile Highlights:

  • State school educated
  • Non law degree
  • Ethnic minority
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As a state-school educated student from a non-traditional academic background (graduated with a biochemistry degree) and first person to become a lawyer in my family, I faced a lot of challenges during my journey towards securing a training contract. At the beginning of my journey, I had no contacts in the industry, did not know how to access opportunities and lacked the support I needed on preparing a successful application. I attribute my success to the amazing support and mentorship I received from Aspiring Solicitors throughout the application process. I was able to meet future trainees who gave valuable advice about applications and interviews both during the Aspiring Solicitors events I attended and follow on questions afterwards. Having personally experienced the struggles of achieving a successful application, I want to do all I can to ensure future aspiring lawyers don’t go through the same challenges I faced.

I am also passionate about increasing access to opportunities for ethnic minority students and have been involved in a number of initiatives focused on achieving this. As a black woman in the legal sector, I am passionate about increasing the representation of under-represented groups in the industry. Through my role as a professional ambassador, I hope to motivate aspiring lawyers from poorly represented backgrounds to achieve their goals. If you are an aspiring lawyer with a similar background and want advice on overcoming challenges on securing a training contract or are seeking more general advice on writing applications, interviews and performing your best on vacation schemes please reach out!

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