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Alex M

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Trainee Solicitor | Bristows

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  • First Generation university
  • Non-law degree
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I am currently a final year Non-Law PhD student (Neuroscience) and a Trainee at Bristows.

I grew up in a rural community in Iceland, brought up by a single mother and I am from a first generation in my family to go to university. I attended state school in Iceland, however, due to extenuating circumstances I did not graduate from college and have no A-level equivalents. Due to flexibility in the education system in Iceland I could go on to read undergraduate Psychology where I graduated with a first, and have since done a Masters and a PhD in Neuroscience in the UK.

Although I had lived in England for a few years English is not my first language and I was put of pursuing law by my own sensitivities about my accent. The English law application system was also alien to me and although I had researched firms and applications I fell into the circle of struggling to gain experience because I had no formal law experience. I managed to secure a few informal placements before doing a vacation scheme and finally a training contract.

Although I had decided to convert to law early on in graduate school, I struggled in applications to elaborate why I wanted to pursue a career in law, rather than science with my STEM background. I benefitted immensely from attending Aspiring Solicitors events, the professional ambassadors and getting help from people who had the same experience. I found a firm that valued my background and would be happy to answer any questions on being from a Non-Law background, a STEM student and a foreign student.

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