I attended a comprehensive school in South Wales before studying for my A Levels at the local tertiary college. I was lucky to have very supportive lecturers at college who recognised my potential and encouraged me to apply to the University of Oxford where I studied law. After completing my degree and Legal Practice Course in Oxford I then undertook my training contract at Pinsent Masons, before relocating back to Oxfordshire on qualification, where I joined what is now Blake Morgan.

Having access to good quality work experience during my degree made a real difference to my future opportunities as I did not have any obvious contacts in the legal profession who I could approach to help me. Whilst at Blake Morgan I have hosted a number of students for work experience and have been part of a firm initiative with a local university to provide quality work experience to students looking to pursue a career in law. Providing work experience to talented individuals is a way in which existing professionals can help and inspire the next generation of lawyers.

Having experienced some health problems in the early part of my career which I still need to manage, I also have experience of handling what is a demanding job whilst maintaining my own health and wellbeing.

It is important that the legal profession is more reflective of wider society and provides opportunities for all, irrespective of background. Things are improving but more needs to be done to increase access,  otherwise the legal profession will lose out on talented people pursuing other careers instead.

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