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Rachel R

Director | Global Butterflies

Profile Highlights:

  • Irish/Welsh State School Educated (Secondary Modern)
  • Self-funded CPE/LPC
  • Dyslexia
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I started my career in the 80’s within the defence industry as an avionics software engineer, later moving into HR within the same sector.

During the 90’s, I followed my brother (Corporate City Partner) and sister (Judge) in to law and successfully completed my law society exams, it was during this time that I was diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria. As a result, instead of obtaining a training contract, something that was impossible as a visible trans women back then, I joined The College of Law and later transitioned my gender expression from male to female.

I left my Production Director role at the University of Law to set up and run Global Butterflies, a consultancy providing advice to law firms on how to be trans & non-binary inclusive.  I have spoken all over the UK and also in the USA, Canada (and Hong Kong 2020) to audiences on trans & non-binary rights.

I am Vice Chair of the Law Society’s LGBT Lawyers Division committee representing trans & non-binary solicitors and am a Trustee for GiveOut.

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