My diversity networks


I went to a sixth form college and read Anthropology at university. I always had my eyes set on law but my A-level grades were something which I knew would be an issue when trying to pursue a career as a solicitor, especially do to the competition. As we all know, those all-important UCAS points can make all the difference between an application that is read or set aside. I applied to many firms for a training contract but struggled to get past the academic wall. I had no connections to the legal world. Eventually, I did manage to get my voice heard by Trowers who not only were interested in my degree, but saw past the A- level grades, due to mitigating circumstances.

You realise once you start working in the legal industry, the diversity that surrounds you. The legal industry is changing and this is reflected amongst my colleagues who have pursued their career in law through different routes.

I have taken part in a few Aspiring Solicitor’s events where students came into the office for some presentations. I realised that many of these students were in a position that I was in a few years ago and want to provide them with any advice and assistance I can to help them get that all important foot in the door

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