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Mary F-W

Law School Attended

Trainee Solicitor | Hogan Lovells

Profile Highlights:

  • State school educated
  • Non-law degree
  • First generation lawyer
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I went to a state grammar school in Birmingham, a comprehensive sixth form in Devon and then studied Human Sciences at the University of Oxford. I never considered becoming a lawyer I always imagined it to be a very stuffy, old-fashioned profession!
My time at university gave me lots of opportunities that I would have never had. I believed that the experience I’d had should be open to everyone and that no one should feel put off applying from Oxford by the scary stereotypes. When I graduated, I worked in Admissions and Outreach with the aim of encouraging the brightest and most motivated students from all backgrounds to apply.
I later did a Masters in Anthropology, planning to apply for a PhD, but I started to miss the structure and human contact of working life! I started to think about jobs where research and learning were put to practical use. When someone suggested law, I was sceptical, believing that city firms wouldn’t be interested in a candidate with no previous legal work experience. Once I started to look further into what the work involved and found out more about the culture at Hogan Lovells I decided it sounded like a perfect fit.
I am really enjoying my training contract and am keen to help anyone with queries on anything else to do with the application process, particularly anyone wondering if work as a city solicitor is for them or coming from a non-law background. I’m keen to help make sure the legal profession employs the best candidates from as diverse a range of backgrounds as possible.

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