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Mariam B

Associate | Stephenson Harwood

Profile Highlights:

  • Low income family
  • Ethnic minority
  • Religious beliefs
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I am an associate in the commercial litigation practice group at Stephenson Harwood. I studied law at the University of Nottingham, graduating in 2017. I received a training contract offer from Stephenson Harwood during my final year after completing the firm’s placement scheme. The firm covered the costs of my LPC and supported me with my expenses. I then completed my training contract at Stephenson Harwood and qualified in September 2020.

I decided I wanted to be a lawyer at a young age and utilised every resource and opportunity to get to where I am now. I studied at a state school and did not know any lawyers. When I was in year 10, I contacted the Royal Courts of Justice directly for work experience. Shadowing an usher in court was the first experience I had of the legal profession.

During my A levels, I joined the Social Mobility Foundation which provided me with a barrister mentor and work experience at an international law firm. Throughout university, I supported myself with summer jobs, the government bursary, and a bursary scheme from an international law firm. The bursary scheme also provided me with a solicitor mentor and ran regular events that helped me adjust to the life of a lawyer. With my skills and what I had learnt from these opportunities, I was able to graduate university with a training contract offer.

I am thankful that those opportunities were available to me overcome the barriers to entry that exist in the legal profession.

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