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Lizzie R

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Associate | Clyde & Co

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  • State school educated
  • First generation lawyer
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I am currently a trainee solicitor at Clyde & Co LLP in London. I attended a state secondary school in a tiny town in Devon, probably about as far as you can get from London life! Whilst at school I always wanted to pursue a career in medicine, until I realised I just wasn’t cut out for the heartache I would inevitably have to face.

I studied Politics and Modern History at the University of Manchester where, after completing a mini-pupillage, I decided a career in the law was for me.

Whilst at Manchester, I spent a great deal of time doing various activities, societies, panels and career events and as I began my final year I started to think about my career. However, having not done a law degree, I was hesitant to apply for any training contracts prior to doing any legal training. I was from a small town, state-educated with good, but not great grades and I was under the false impression that these things were determinative. I believed that the law was an ‘Oxbridge club’ but I can honestly say I’ve found that applications are as much about fit and personality as grades and background.

I attended the law fair and a number of Aspiring Solicitors events and after a summer vacation scheme with Clyde & Co, was offered a training contract. AS really was instrumental in helping me use my potential and find my confidence that truly led to my training contract offer. I am thrilled to be an AS ambassador in order to give back what I felt was given so readily to me.

I have many friends that are active in the LGBTQ community who are some of the best people that I know, and I am convinced having them around, along with all other groups can only enhance the legal profession!

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