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Laura C

Law School Attended

Trainee Solicitor | TLT Solicitors

Profile Highlights:

  • Low income family
  • First generation to attend university
  • First generation lawyer
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Having completed the LLB at Durham University in 2014, I went on to work as a Graduate Management Trainee with a local house builder. I completed my LPC part-time alongside full time work in order to self-fund my postgraduate study. Soon after completing the first year of my LPC I went on to work with Home Retail Group in their quality assurance department in the Financial Services sector having worked in the collections department straight out of school. It was during this time I was told I had been successful in my training contract application with TLT LLP. I then had the long anticipated two year wait until I commenced work as a trainee and I spent that time split between travelling the world and working within the Employee Relations department at AXA Insurance. I value the time I spent outside the legal sector because it allowed me to develop vital transferable skills I am already utilising now I have started in my first seat in the Real Estate team in our Manchester office. It afforded me worthwhile experience and responsibility I was able to refer to during interviews and applications, and has given me the confidence to tackle my training contract with a positive mind set.

Having attended a state school, coming from a low income family and being a first generation student and lawyer, I understand the difficulties faced in completing applications, accessing resources and finding the confidence in your own ability to stand up and say ‘I am good enough to do this’. The day I finally realised that, was the day I applied to TLT and the rest for me is history. I would be more than happy to assist other students from backgrounds like my own and others which sometimes leave you feeling out of touch with a legal career, and help you to develop the confidence and belief that everyone, despite any additional hurdles they may have to jump, is capable of being successful in this industry.

I value nothing more than learning about other people’s culture and experiences. I have found that the more I speak to people with different backgrounds from my own I have developed a wealth of understanding, empathy and consideration. At one time or another I viewed my background as a barrier, and now I see it as a useful tool in having acknowledged my own strength and determination to achieve whatever I set my mind to. Opportunities are out there for the taking for everybody and when you truly believe in yourself and believe that you are capable regardless of what experiences you have had – that makes you a force to be reckoned with.

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