I am a partner at Farrer & Co in the Employment team and one of two training partners who guide our trainees through their training contracts. I am also on the graduate recruitment panel, which I enjoy hugely.

I did a vacation scheme at Farrers back in 2000 and enjoyed it so much I immediately accepted the offer of a training contract following my interview. I qualified in 2005 into the employment team, was made Senior Associate in 2011 (while on maternity leave with my first child) and Partner in 2016 (not long after my second maternity leave). I currently work four days over five in an attempt to achieve a work-life balance.

I am from Leeds and went to a state primary school and a comprehensive secondary school. Both gave me a good education and an excellent outlook in life. However, I had met very few privately educated people before university and viewed them as a bit daunting and breed apart (not in a good way!). I have since discovered they are neither and I hope I have changed some privately educated people’s views of state school educated people too.

I think that social division from such an early age is a shame and the statistics on state school educated lawyers perhaps shows that that division continues well beyond childhood. This means law firms are missing out on talented and engaging people. Farrer & Co is committed to increasing its diversity of all types within the firm and I am delighted to be part of that.

I am happy to answer any questions you have.

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