My diversity networks


I am a law graduate from the University of Nottingham and am a first seat-trainee in PwC’s NewLaw team. Prior to my training contract I was also PwC’s Legal Brand Ambassador at my university and had completed a vacation scheme with PwC in the summer of 2018.

As a Chinese Malaysian hailing from Malaysia who spoke English with a distinctive non-English accent, it was initially daunting to step foot into the legal profession. Prior to any events or interviews, I was always conscious of my accent and the way I pronounced words – worried that this would have a negative impact on how people judged me. Through Aspiring Solicitors, I want to help others in showing you’re your accent nor your race is not an impeding factor. Diversity to me is crucial as we need to show and prove that everyone from different walks of life are able to pursue a career in law, regardless of your background and origins. It is not easy to gain access to the legal profession and everyone deserves a fair chance.

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