My diversity networks


I studied law at University of Southampton and graduated in 2016. I then worked at Laura Devine Immigration for just under two years and recently graduated from the University of Law after completing the LPC and an MSc in Law, Business and Management. I have since returned to Laura Devine Immigration and will be working there until I start my training contract with Clyde & Co in August 2021.

I was never really worried that my mixed race background would be a barrier to my goal of a career in law, especially considering that the majority of firms I aspired to work at were based in London. However, I was worried that being gay would have a negative impact on my applications and ability to network. Thankfully, there are a number of fantastic law firms and organisations (such as Aspiring Solicitors) which made me realise the importance of LGBTQ+ representation, awareness and diversity in the legal sector.

I’m delighted to be a Professional Ambassador – if you would like me to answer any questions or would just like a general chat, please get in touch!

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