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Jonathan H

Trainee Solicitor | Stephenson Harwood

Profile Highlights:

  • State school
  • Non-law degree
  • First-generation lawyer
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I am a trainee solicitor at Stephenson Harwood. I studied a non-law subject for my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at Manchester University and worked full-time as a civil servant before returning to law school. In my training contract so far, I have enjoyed seats in equity capital markets & funds and banking finance.

My route to a training contract was not typical. I attended state school and a technical college in a rural area, whilst working part-time from the age of 15 and throughout university. After my undergraduate degree, I split my time between a masters in philosophy and working part-time for a public-sector body which gave me insight into working with primary legislation and also experience of day-to-day working in an office environment. Following my masters, I worked full-time as a civil servant and completed a placement scheme at Stephenson Harwood where I was offered a training contract. I completed the GDL and LPC at BPP law school.

I have experienced the challenges and trade-offs of leaving a job to return to education to pursue a legal career. I also recognise the added difficulty of not having city lawyers in your social or academic network whose knowledge and experience are often drawn upon. I believe that the skills that working and education outside of the law can give you are invaluable and will stand you in good stead for a successful legal career. There are tangible benefits of having career-change, state-school educated and non-law graduates in the legal profession and it is all the richer for it. I would be delighted to help increase access across these, and any other, underrepresented groups.

Please request contact if I can assist in any way such as application form advice, negotiating interviews or other tips.

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