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I studied law at Cardiff University and subsequently joined Clyde & Co as a trainee. As a first generation lawyer, I never had any connections in the legal world. A legal mentor would have significantly enhanced my knowledge and confidence when applying for training contracts. I therefore find it important to help aspiring solicitors in any way I can.

When I attended vacation schemes/interviews, I often experienced imposter syndrome, partly because I was not accustomed to the legal environment. I quickly learnt the importance of developing confidence in my own abilities while not worrying about what others were doing. I was first exposed to my current firm at an Aspiring Solicitors Christmas event. The opportunity to speak to people at Clyde & Co gave me the confidence (that I had been lacking) to apply.

I am a member of my firm’s ACED (achieving cultural & ethnic diversity) committee and am keen to promote diversity in the legal profession, as no one should be prevented from pursuing their passion due to background.

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