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Jacopo P

Senior Associate - Private Client | PwC

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  • First generation lawyer
  • English as a third language
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My name is Jacopo and I grew up and went to school in Italy. After finishing school, I decided to leave my home country to go to university in Manchester to study Law with Politics. I had a difficult first year due to family reasons and my grades suffered from this. As a result it was incredibly hard for me to secure TC interviews. I tried to make up for that year by doing as much work experiences as I could, both in and outside of law. I eventually managed to secure a TC with Withers after graduating from university. Upon qualifying I moved to PwC, where I now work in the Private Client team.

In my short career so far, I have not come across many English qualified lawyers who came from another country to study law as an undergraduate. I believe, it may be because there is still a misconception around the profession and that being from a foreign country and English not being your first language puts you at a disadvantage. Although it certainly isn’t easy to read and/or practice law in your second (or in my case third) language, if you play it right, it can actually become a strong selling point. My area of law has become so international that I hardly work with English clients and often work with colleagues in offices in other countries. This means that I can often use my language skills to my advantage and build a stronger rapport with them.

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