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  • State school educated in Romania
  • First generation lawyer
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I graduated from Queen Mary, University of London with an English and European Law degree and will started my TC at Hogan Lovells in August 2017.

When applying to the UK for university, I had little knowledge about the City and no connections. Upon starting my law degree I committed to attending as many legal events as possible in order to get an insight into the firms, but I also strived to gain as much work experience as possible. I started off volunteering in non-legal roles, building up transferable skills and later managed to secure a number of unpaid legal placements.  The Barclays Work Experience Week offered by Aspiring Solicitors was particularly helpful and it also appeared to stand out to recruiters during my vacation scheme interviews.

I cannot stress enough the importance of making the most out of the events offered by AS. After winning the AS Commercial Awareness Competition in the summer of 2014, our team was invited to a joint open day with Hogan Lovells and Barclays. This proved to be a perfect opportunity to learn more about the firm. I was later able to use the knowledge I gained there throughout my application process and secured a vacation scheme with HL, which later led to a TC offer.

A few tips from my own experience would be: try to attend as many events as possible (including networking, application workshops, open days), do not underestimate the importance of any work/volunteering experience, but also focus on your grades right from the beginning of your law degree- it seems obvious but it is often the easiest way to make your application stand out. Feel free to contact me if you need any help!

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