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Havin J

Law School Attended

Trainee Solicitor | Mayer Brown

Profile Highlights:

  • Ethnic minority
  • First generation lawyer
  • International student
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I am currently a final year law undergraduate at King’s College London, graduating in 2017. I will begin my training contract with Mayer Brown International LLP in September 2018, after successfully completing a summer vacation scheme in July 2016. Previously, after completing my A Levels, I spent almost two years in the military before entering university.

Growing up as an ethnic minority in Singapore, it has shown me the challenges of unconscious bias and the importance of diversity. Being an international student and not having prior exposure to the London legal market, I have been incredibly fortunate for the opportunities made available to me with Aspiring Solicitors. While the legal profession still has a long way to go to promote diversity and inclusion, after attending multiple AS events, I find that perception is improving dramatically. Having taken part in the inaugural Law Extra Employability Challenge 2015, and with lots of guidance by the AS team through the Springboard programmes, mock interviews and networking events, it gave me the confidence to apply for and secure a Training Contract.

Having lived in Singapore, with an Indian background and now studying in London, I appreciate and advocate the importance of diversity in the legal profession. I am incredibly honoured to have been a Student Ambassador, and now to be a Professional Ambassador with Aspiring Solicitors. I am more than happy to answer any questions about my journey thus far as well as to provide any assistance with your application process, so please feel free to get in touch.

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