Growing up in rural Lincolnshire, I attended my local state school with little thought about pursuing a career in the City, but I was always a bit of a bookworm. I became interested in politics and history and ended up studying both subjects at the London School of Economics.

I found the work engaging and I enjoyed living in a global city and meeting people from all over the world. I began to consider a career in law. But, at university and in the legal profession, I was unusual in coming from a state school, working during my studies and had grown up in a part of the UK that most of my fellow students hadn’t heard of. As a result, I didn’t always feel like I ‘fitted in’ and developed imposter syndrome. I stuck at it, but ended up completing the GDL during the pandemic, graduating into a non-existent jobs market. I secured work outside of law, during which time I was fortunate enough to be offered a training contract. Fast-forward to 2023. I have started training at TLT – and I’m really enjoying it. I knew when I first attended an insight day with the firm that it was the right cultural fit for me – and completing the vacation scheme affirmed my choice. I felt I could bring my whole self to work, and that all my experiences were valued.

TLT has been recognised in the top 75 employers in the Social Mobility Employer Index 2023. We also have an active Social Mobility Network. I am now keen to pay forward the support I’ve received. I understand the difficulties in securing a training contract and I am happy for you to get in touch if you are interested in joining TLT or seeking general advice about entering the profession.

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