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George N

Paralegal | Clyde & Co

Profile Highlights:

  • State school educated
  • First generation graduate
  • Low income family
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I graduated in 2018 with little to no experience of a high paced office environment nor anyone in the legal profession to look to for advice. As such, I know full well how difficult it can be to get that initial “foot in the door” at a top law firm. After many unsuccessful applications and employers wanting paralegal experience in order to get paralegal experience, I landed a brief paralegal role at DAC Beachcroft before moving to Clyde’s to pursue a career in Healthcare law.

I am yet to complete my LPC and am currently running the familiar gauntlet of applying for training contracts. I can sympathise entirely with those who don’t have friends or family working in law and simply don’t know how to find their way into the field. In light of this it is vital that organisations like Aspiring Solicitors exist to be that point of call for those in need of help and advice. I hope by my example I can help others get into what is a challenging but rewarding profession.

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