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Gaurav S

Senior Associate | PwC

Profile Highlights:

  • State School Educated
  • Race
  • First generation lawyer
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As the only person from my state school year group to have obtained a training contract and qualified as a solicitor, I have first hand experience of approaching the legal profession from a non-traditional background and successfully joining its ranks. I didn’t study a law degree and no one in my family had considered a legal career before or had connections in the field so I had to independently find role models and harness opportunities to open doors and get a training contract.

Without a legal background or connections I attended as many career fairs and spoke to as many lawyers as I could. From all of these interactions I gained mentoring on the attributes I would need to demonstrate and the process I would need to follow to be successful. I was overwhelmed by how supportive more senior lawyers are; don’t hesitate to leverage their advice and experience.

I also came to appreciate the importance of work experience opportunities as they are a significant pipeline of talent for law firms and the more you can get that are relevant to the kind of legal career you are looking for the better your chances of success are.

With the benefit of mentoring and a number of work experience programmes I was awarded a training contract by PwC and haven’t looked back. The training contract inculcates a lot of skills and empowers you to develop the skills of a great lawyer. You will also develop a strong network of colleagues and friends from it.

I encourage anyone considering law to find what they’re passionate about and pursue it relentlessly – you really can do it! I always enjoy speaking with people from all backgrounds considering different legal careers, please reach out to me if you have any questions/could do with any help.

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