My diversity networks


In my state school I was one of only a handful of pupils coming from a BAME background. Careers in London were dreamt of but often felt quite distant. I didn’t study law as an undergraduate or join the legal profession straight from university and I only started my training contract a few years after graduating. However, I always found lawyers to be very approachable and willing to support me – through their guidance and encouragement and with lots of hard work I’ve been able to qualify as a pensions lawyer and enjoy everything commercial law has to offer at Travers Smith.

High performing teams requires a diversity of talent from different backgrounds to thrive and deliver; that’s what gives clients the best of our capabilities. The legal profession is only the better off by having a diversity of talent coming through who go one to have successful, fulfilling careers. As an AS mentor with my own unique journey, I have first-hand experience approaching the legal profession from a non-traditional background and being able to advance in my career. I am an AS mentor as I have the opportunity to make a contribution to supporting diverse talent from many different walks of life and circumstances. The legal profession has advanced considerably in recent years and I am a big believer in the power of AS to harness a unique network of myriad lawyers to bring the next generation of talent through.

I am happy to mentor and support students by discussing their career aspirations, providing advice by phone call/emails/LinkedIn, supporting them through different stages of their applications and career journey, sharing my experiences and guidance. Just drop me a line and I’ll be happy to support where I can.

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