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Ewan G

Trainee solicitor | PwC

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  • LGBT
  • Accents
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Originally from Scotland, I attended high school in Glasgow before attending the University of Edinburgh where I studied law.

I undertook some informal work experience in so called ‘traditional’ law firms when I was at university but found the cultures of most to be stuffy and hierarchically rigid. This was in stark contrast to PwC’s legal practice where I completed the 3-week summer vacation in 2016. The structure of the office and the general culture of the wider firm is quite unlike most law firms. There is a level of hospitableness which I found incredibly welcoming and I this is reflected by the diversity of the staff itself.

After complete the vacation scheme I was offered a training contract position that commenced in September 2018. As I studied law in Scotland it did not count as a qualifying law degree in England and Wales and so had to undertake the GDL before completing the LPC.

Diversity is important to me as law has generally been seen to be slow in regards to diversifying its workforce. I felt it that it was important to be part of a team and an organisation that values diversity – primarily because diverse teams produce better outcomes for clients and help to drive innovation. Being part of PwC I’ve seen firsthand how this is employed in practice. I feel able to be myself and know that I have the full support of my team in everything that I do. Were that not the case I am sure the quality of work that I produce would be of a lower standard and I would not enjoy coming to work as much as I do.

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