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Enes I

Senior Associate | PwC

Profile Highlights:

  • Race
  • Non-Russell Group University
  • Accent
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My route to law was full of hurdles. I am Turkish but I was born and raised in Switzerland up until I was 11 and then went to Turkey to do my high school. I came to the UK when I was 18 with the dream of becoming a lawyer.

I have chosen to pursue a career in law because I want to help people who are being discriminated against. I was discriminated against when I was a child due to my ethnicity. In order to assist people in similar situations, I wanted to read and practice law.

It is was very taxing to get a training contract because I have learned English at the age of 17 and I did not attend a Russell Group university. I was determined to overcome my setbacks and be one step ahead of others. Luckily, through my persistency, hard work and passion, I was able to fulfil my dream and eventually get a training contract with PwC, a firm that values diversity.

I have previously faced difficulties due to my ethnicity and university background. Therefore, I am an advocate of diversity and more than happy to provide my support to people who experience challenges in getting access to the industry. With Aspiring Solicitors I will be able to do that.

My advice would be to not give up and show your passion. I am more than happy to speak with you about your journey.

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