My diversity networks


In 2013 I moved to London and studied at King’s College London, gaining a First Class Honours in Classics. After university, I was unsure about which career I wanted to pursue and started working as a graduate teaching assistant in an inner-London secondary school. I enjoyed working with young people immensely and could see the day-to-day impact of my chosen career and subsequently trained to be a Maths teacher.

I later moved to a top 1% secondary school in Hackney and was promoted to Head of Key Stage 3 Maths. Despite a clear path of progression ahead of me, I realised that teaching was not the right path for me. Law has always been a career I have been interested in, yet I didn’t know how this career was attainable. During the lockdown from March until the end of August, I spent hours every day researching firms, trying to get to grips with the application process, attending online legal events and interviewing, until I was fortunate enough to secure a training contract with Farrer & Co. I am now about to start my GDL at BPP in London, where I will also study the LPC before commencing my training contract in September 2022.

I realise now that my diverse background and unusual route into law is something to be proud of, as it has provided me with a wealth of experiences which will no doubt help me in my future career. I hope I am able to show people that you can do something completely different during and after university and still become a lawyer. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions or thoughts you may have about applying for law or career changing.

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