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Emma C

Solicitor | Shoosmiths

Profile Highlights:

  • First generation lawyer
  • Attended non-Russell Group university
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I started my legal career by completing my LLB part-time with the Open University and I am the first person in my family to pursue a legal career. Throughout my LLB studies I worked full time in the finance industry.

While working in finance I found myself working for one of Shoosmiths clients and I was able to secure a secondment to Shoosmiths, where I spent two months in Recoveries Services in the Birmingham office. During my secondment I was then able to secure a permanent paralegal role in the Planning Team (also in the Birmingham office). I worked as a paralegal in the Planning Team for the remainder of my LLB studies and during my Master’s degree and LPC.

During my Master’s degree and LPC I successfully secured a training contract combined with a NQ Solicitor role in the Planning Team at Shoosmiths. Working as a paralegal enabled me to gain valuable experience and develop key skills which were invaluable throughout my training contract and continue to be in qualified life.

The culture at Shoosmiths encourages you to expand your knowledge and experience to take responsibility for matters but also provides the necessary training and development needed for trainee and future solicitors. Shoosmiths welcomes diversity and having studied at the Open University I felt that a lot of firms opposed my choice of university. Shoosmiths, however, looked at it favourably and saw the skills it took to study while working full time and how they would be essential and directly applicable to a career in law.

I am passionate about working in a diverse environment and at a firm where it is a big part of their culture and goals. Everyone’s background and experience brings something different to the workplace which makes it more interesting and means as a firm we have so much more to offer to clients in terms of skills and experience. I also feel very strongly about gender equality in the legal industry.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions about life as a paralegal, trainee or NQ solicitor – I remember vividly how daunting and stressful these things can be and I can help provide a useful and honest insight into a career in law.

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