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Emma B

Trainee solicitor | Clyde & Co

Profile Highlights:

  • Low income family
  • First generation to go to university
  • State school education
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I graduated from the University of Nottingham with a degree in History and I am currently completing the GDL before starting my training contract with Clyde & Co in 2021.

Whilst enjoying Law A-Level throughout sixth-form, I lacked the confidence to continue the subject at University, let alone consider becoming a lawyer in the future. Being the first in my generation to go to University and coming from a low-income family, I simply thought I was not the type of person who would fit in to how I imagined City Law firms to be.

It wasn’t until the second year of University that I actually discovered some law firms would sponsor you throughout law school, which gave me some encouragement to apply for schemes such as Clyde & Co’s ‘Bright Futures Programme’ which I undertook in 2017. During the programme we had a presentation from Chris White (CEO of Aspiring Solicitors) and Andy Dent (Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at Clyde & Co) which focused on how much the firm values diversity and inclusion. It was really encouraging to know that organisations such as Aspiring Solicitors aimed to facilitate equal opportunity by offering really helpful advice to its members, particularly since I did not know many people in the corporate world who could give me the support and guidance I needed.

The current focus on diversity and inclusion in the legal profession has been fundamental in giving me the confidence to believe that my background should not hinder my ability in becoming a commercial solicitor. Instead, I now believe it makes me unique and has equipped me with distinctive skills. I encourage aspiring solicitors to avoid feeling discouraged if they are underrepresented in a legal environment and rather recognise how their diversity contributes to a more inimitable skill set.


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